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Friday, June 17th, 2005
10:41 am - Big Brother Game

Hello Everyone,

I am starting a Big Brother on-line game and need contestants and a host.  You will need AOL/AIM to participate in this game. You can apply for the game and read about the game here: www.geocities.com/bigbrother3626 On the site I forgot to put that you need to send a picture of yourself with the application.  Also, where it says Why do you want to play this game? the question means why should i be picked out of the other contestants.  (I will add what I forgot to put in soon. So send that information.) I will let everyone know weather they got picked or not so you don't have to wonder so Good Luck!

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
12:33 pm - WHEREZ THA PICZ!

Come on Billiam.. where's the links to the sites with pictures? After last night's episode, there's gotta be some tasty captures out there.

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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
9:02 am - whoa

Scott booted off da show 4 bein a chump

Dat scott dude threw a big fit an then da producerz kicked hiz ass outta da show

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
12:12 pm - EEP

I'm so excited! Tonight is the night.

current mood: ecstatic

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7:22 am - w00tz!!

BB4 startz TONIGHT biznatchlez!!! GET READY 4 IT!!! WATCH IT!! PHUCK!!!

Meet da Guestsz

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
5:34 pm

Since I didn't see this yet-

CBS has updated their website, and 9 of the 13 house guests are up on it.

You can meet the house guests here

Hope to see a lot of discussion here on the HG.


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10:53 am - w00r!

itz coming! Get ready 4 it!!!

Big Brother IV
(Premires July 8th)
7/1/03 Here are images from the very short (10 second) spot on Entertainment Tonight which aired last night:

6/30/03 FInally some verifiable news :)
13 HGs - there will be 13 HG's - and they were put up in a hotel yesterday so the details are coming out.

7 Men, 6 Women

8 of the contestants will have "Ex's" in the house with them (I assume its 4 men and 4 women - but that might very well be wrong). So 5 players (3 men, 2 women) won't have former relations in the house.

No one casted knows about the "X-factor" - one advantage to this new twist should be less FOTH time since some of them can gossip all they want about the ex without worries because they have each signed releases. For us the problem will be most of those stories will probably have been told before the cameras go live on July 8th.

The show will include the show's youngest-ever (19) and oldest (59) houseguests.

No one in this year's cast is married.

Starting with the 5th banished HG - all eliminated HG's will be sequestered and not allowed to watch or keep tabs on the show.

The sequestered HGs will also be taped and shown on the show, although it is not clear if live feeds will be available for those HGs.

Entertainment Tonight showed a tour of the new Big Brother house Monday night. I will post some selected pictures on Tuesday. .

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